Ruby loves planning not just weddings, but all types of events. Her first introduction to event planning was helping a friend organize a tournament. She discovered that not only was she excellent at it, but she really loved it as well. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from Westminster College.

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My Story

Hey there! I'm Ruby and I am the boss lady of Red Canyon Events. My first event experience was 6 years ago organizing and hosting a karate tournament. From there my love of the event industry blossomed and I have been doing events since. I worked for over 2 years at a concert & event venue as their Event & Venue manager. I organized events as large as festivals to as small as micro weddings. A couple months back, I left the venue to pursue what I truly enjoy...which is the building of your event!

In between the work stuff I am either traveling, reading, or baking! I live in Salt Lake with my amazing fiance and our cute little Puppy. 

I have devoted my career to building the best event for each client regardless of how untraditional it sounds. The stereotypes don't matter, what matters is that I can bring the vision you have to life. The untraditional events that I have organized have led me to meet the most incredible people! Whether it is a 50-mile walk, a meditation seminar, a business contest, or a wedding I can't wait to chat with you!