Wedding Planner vs Venue Coordinator

Congratulations! If you find yourself reading this, that means you are engaged or getting engaged soon! Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming and many brides don’t know where to start. A common statement I get from brides during their initial consultation is that they only need help with vendors, and don’t need me the day of, as the venue has a venue coordinator for that. I get it! As a bride you want to save as much money as you can, and you may not know the difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding planner. In short, a wedding planner will be with you from start to finish and will prioritize you. A venue coordinator will always prioritize their space.

So, do you need a wedding planner if the venue is providing a coordinator? The answer is YES! You absolutely need a wedding planner as they are extremely different from venue coordinators.

To break it down per section of your wedding:


The venue coordinator is there to make sure nothing goes wrong with the venue. They will set up the basics that come with the venue but they are not responsible for setting up any design or other details. They will handle parking, and if the catering is through the venue they will assist with that.

The wedding planner can help with the design, will set the centerpieces and other small decor. They are responsible for organizing and managing the other vendors, making sure your day goes smoothly, everything is set up on time and anything in between.


The venue coordinator is there to make sure you follow their curfew and are out of the venue on time.

The wedding planner is there for the entire day, from the timing of the ceremony, to events during the reception, they will work with you to make sure that everything you want in your day is there.


The venue coordinator will give you a preferred list but usually won’t help book.

The wedding planner will help find the perfect vendor match for you, will be your liaison and will work with them before and during your event.

An issue arises during the wedding, so who calls the audible?

Your wedding planner does. Your wedding planner will have spent months learning your style and vision for the event so that when your big day comes, trust has been built so they can make decisions during the day and not bother you.

Now, venue coordinators are amazing at what they do. They ensure the venue is clean upon your arrival and anything the venue provides is there and set up. There is a clear difference between their role and a wedding planner.

Oh, and one last thing, your wedding planner will have worked with you setting up your day for months. Not having your wedding planner there on the day, can cause gaps in your day and will leave you in a lurch because the person who planned everything isn’t there to answer questions.

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